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For a self-initiated project I created a charity that would be based in train stations to help and assist commuters with their mental health to make train platforms a more joyful place.

I created an identity that focuses on the 5 different parts of the brain. This is with the intention of the charity having a room on a platform that allows commuters to exercise the certain part of their brain that is affecting their mental health. The colour scheme is based on calming green and blue tones to also help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Mindway Logo
Mindway Submark
Mindway Wayfinding
Mindway Sticker
Mindway Map


I cannot recommend Sara enough, she is phenomenal! She designed the logo and branding for my new business VLOS and it is literally everything I could have wanted and more. From the get go Sara completely got was what I wanted, the vibe and colours down to the lettering, every detail you can imagine was covered. I will 110% be going back to Sara for any future projects.


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